Live Online Roulette

Live Roulette is one of the few live casino games you’ll be opened up to that needs no introduction as anyone’s who’s stepped foot in any sort of casino before will be well acquainted with this game already! The game of live Roulette is as close a replica of actual Roulette that’s played in a casino that you’ll have ever seen except we’d argue live Roulette is much better as it comes with a whole heap of added perks that weren’t available to you before!

Playing live Roulette online

Live Roulette is essentially the same game of Roulette you’re used to playing where you’ll be face to face with a dealer, you’ll place a few chips on your favourite numbers, and then you’ll watch the ball spinning around the wheel waiting for it to land on a number while you chat away with the dealer at the table. The only difference with live Roulette is you’ll get to do all of this from the comfort of your own home!

You’ll still get to see and hear everything that’s going on in the casino with crystal clear graphics and sound systems, and you’ll still be able to chat away to the dealer as you play who can reply to you in real time so as far as experience goes you’re not really losing anything with live Roulette.

The first thing you’re gaining though is time! Without the need to travel to play your favourite game you’ll now be able to spend extra time playing in these exciting games or spending some quality time with the family so it’s a big win in that regard.

The second thing you gain is access to more Roulette tables than ever before! If you want to stick to classic Roulette you’ll find there’s a good handful of dealers offering nothing but this game which gives you a bit of added choice, but there’s even more offering some pretty cool variations of live Roulette incase you want to mix things up and see if there’s anything better out there waiting for you!

live roulette

Playing is actually the easiest part when it comes to live Roulette and even if you’ve never played at an online or live casino before you’ll have no troubles picking it up. Sites will even offer up no deposit bonuses to give you a couple of games on the house just to help you get used to the software as well.

When you click on the live Roulette table you want to play the livestream of that game will pop up showing you everything you’d typically see when you sit at a Roulette table. Everything you see here will be real except the chips at the table you’ll be betting with. To make a bet requires no more than you clicking once on the chip you’d like to bet with, and then once more on the table where you’d like to place that chip!

With just this knowledge a whole world of fun and excitement is now opened up for you to enter and enjoy any time it takes your fancy!